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How much artificial grass do i need

Step 1 

Measure the longest and widest part of your garden/ decking/ flagged yard.

Calculate this in square metres by timesing the length by the width. If unsure how to do this there are many sites that show you a step by step process:



Step 2

 Use blank graph paper and draw the shape of your garden. Put the dimensions on to help you work out how many rolls of artificial grass you may need.

Position the rolls so that you have a minimum number of joints. You must always allow extra length for cut loss. The arrows represent the pile direction.


Extra width must be allowed for when jointing because stitches need removing when jointing.

Our artificial grass is supplied in 2m (200cm) and 4m (400cm) widths and any lengths up to 30 metres.

Remember all rolls must be laid in the same direction to give the best finish and ideally so that you are looking into the pile.



Step 3

We’re here to guide you every step of the way and make sure your lawn looks great. Get in touch with us (0161 368 0909) and we’ll be happy answer your questions and help you to a perfect installation.