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10Kg Artificial Grass Glue



  • 10kg Tub
  • Hardener in separate container
  • 2 Part epoxy adhesive
  • Green Pigment


10Kg Artificial Grass Glue

PRICE IS PER TUB (Including Hardener)

WEIGHT: 10kg

Our 10kg Artificial grass glue is a multi purpose Wet-Fix adhesive, which has a two component polyurethane based adhesive system. It has been fundamentally designed for bonding artificial grass direct to the floor, and seaming tape which will produce an invisible line down the artificial grass carpet seams.

Surfaces you can use Wet-Fix Adhesive on:

  • Tarmac
  • Jointing Tape
  • Concrete
  • Flags
  • Decking
  • Resin Bond

Wet-Fix is green in colour, which is full proof in representing artificial grass glue. Is is waterproof? Yes, in damp or even wet conditions. Its use is dummy-proof, just simply pour the separate hardener into the glue and mix thoroughly until fully combined and spread the glue with a trowel or suitable tool.

This is a great adhesive that can be:

  • Specifically used in damp conditions
  • Bonds most types of artificial grass carpets
  • Good/suitable cure time at temperatures as low as 3 degrees Celsius.
  • 24-48 hours to fully set and dry for maximum hold.

Wet-Fix adhesive is a multi-functional glue that can be used on areas such as:

  • Schools
  • Residential Gardens
  • Hockey pitches
  • Football pitches
  • Basketball courts
  • Gymnastic areas
  • Volleyball pitches
  • Playgrounds
  • Gyms
  • Heavy walk areas.
  • Indoor areas.

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