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Artificial Grass Cartridge Glue



  • 290ml per cartridge
  • 12 cartridges per box
  • Storage life of at least 18 months if stored +5’C – 35’C
  • A cartridge gun must be used to apply this product


Artificial Grass Cartridge Glue


GB2000 artificial grass cartridge glue is a fast curing, one component, hybrid polymer adhesive designed for bonding synthetic grass to seaming tape. This adhesive has a ‘high grab’ formula so ensures the seaming tape and grass are kept in place while the cure takes place.

It contains a biocide that prevents mould growth so you don’t have to worry about the glue going off and as a result can be used in areas of high humidity/ moisture. Each tube covers approximately 4 square meters (dependent on application).

Surfaces that you can use GB2000 Artificial Grass Glue on:

  • Glue to: Metals/ Concrete/ Stone/ Bricks/ Marble
  • Fibreglass/ Glass
  • Timber/ Plasterboard/ Ceramics

Benefits of using our cartridge glue:

  • Fast Curing
  • Can bond porous and non – porous substrates
  • Designed for bonding synthetic grass
  • Green Colour
  • Fungal resistant
  • Bonds most substrates
  • Solvent and water free
  • Bonds in damp conditions
  • Odourless
  • Excellent durability in all atmospheric conditions
  • Little/ No wastage
  • Efficient, only use what you need.
  • Can use alongside artificial grass nails


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